Federal False Claims Act

The Federal False Claims Act allows a private citizen to file a lawsuit, in the name of the U.S. Government, asserting that fraud or false claims have been made by companies that do business with, or are reimbursed by, the United States. In return for filing and pursuing a successful lawsuit, that private citizen can legally receive, as a reward, 15-30% of the monies recovered. For example, individuals who report incidents of tax fraud that exceed $2 million may be eligible to collect up to 30 percent of money damages awarded to the Internal Revenue Service based on the information provided regarding the tax fraud.

The purpose of the False Claims Act is to encourage private individuals who are aware of fraud being perpetrated against the government to bring such information forward. Whistleblowers should be applauded and assisted in righting wrongs and the Lowell Johnson Law Firm is here to help them.

Whistleblowers who need a lawyer can contact the Firm to assist in cases of:

   • Medicare fraud
   • Healthcare fraud
   • Pharmaceutical kickbacks