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Welcome to the Lowell Johnson Law Firm, PLLC

Committed to Client Service in Commercial Law and Civil Litigation

The Lowell Johnson Law Firm focuses on the protection of individual and corporate rights through the resolution of commercial and individual disputes. Contact us for an initial consultation about your legal problem and the best ways to approach it.  We understand that people rarely anticipate becoming a party to a lawsuit. The decision to sue a powerful corporate adversary is never easy. But bringing a lawsuit might be the only way to protect important rights.

We are honored that our clients trust us to counsel them through the litigation process. We commit to apply the full breadth of our experience, skill, and creativity toward a satisfactory resolution of each case we take. 

We are open to working with other attorneys in referral or co-counsel arrangements

The Lowell Johnson Law Firm welcomes inquiries from attorneys regarding referrals or co-counsel relationships on individual cases throughout Michigan. We appreciate the opportunity to affiliate with other attorneys on complex litigation matters.